Letter from 144 organisations to the Federal Government: "Implementing the SDGs"

In January 2017, 144 organisations wrote a joint letter to the then Federal Government. In this letter, they called on them to implement Agenda 2030 and its 17 objectives for sustainable development as the "overarching guideline for political action in all areas of Austrian policy", and to develop "a plan for concrete next steps in Austria" quickly. In this letter, the organisations also developed concrete proposals for implementation and offered their support for the next steps.

Letter from 144 organisations to the Federal Government (January 2017)

Foundation and press conference

The work of SDG Watch Austria is based on this first letter. In September 2017 SDG Watch Austria was officially launched as an association of civil society organisations. This going public was accompanied by a press conference and a group photo.

Press conference on the founding of SDG Watch Austria: Implementing SDGs - enabling the future! (September 2017)


Pictures: Nina Oberleitner


First Platform General Assembly and Letter to Chancellor Kurz

In May 2018, SDG Watch Austria (now with more than 130 member organisations) called for an "end to the standstill in SDG implementation" in Austria at its first plenary meeting and after more than a year without progress. This demand was expressed in a letter to Federal Chancellor Kurz and all members of the new federal government. The unrestricted topicality and validity of the proposals developed at the beginning of 2017 were also confirmed in these letters. In addition, the Federal Chancellor was asked concrete questions on how the implementation in Austria would proceed.

Press release on the Platform General Assembly: Call for an end to the standstill in the implementation of the SDGs! (May 2018)

Letter to Chancellor Kurz (May 2018)

Proposals for implementation

Pictures: Evelyn Knoll


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